Monday, May 5, 2014

What To Do - Monday Listicles

Oh, hi! Yeah, I've been MIA for quite a while. But Stasha coaxed me back onto this blog with this week's topic: 10 Things To Do Where I Live. Since where I live (Reno, NV) is still fairly new to me, I figured it was a good way to get my thinking cap on.

Go visit Stasha at The Good Life and link up with your own list!

Here are my 10:

1. Hiking. Hiking is everywhere here, which I love. I can literally go a quarter of a mile from my house or 20, 30, 45 minute away.

2. Wild Horses. This might include #1, but you can probably get somewhere within 20 minutes from town and see wild horses. In the wild. In my case, I can often see them within 5 minutes of home.

3. Breakfast. I don't go out to breakfast a lot, but I keep hear/reading about great places to go to breakfast around here! I think I might have to try a few.

4. Lake Tahoe. I can be there in about 40 minutes. It's so, so beautiful.

5. The Bay. Say what? I never thought I'd live in a land-locked state, and this isn't really something to do "here" in or around my town... but I can be in San Francisco or somewhere around the Bay Area in four hours or less. And though I've only gone once, for work, I do like the idea. (And have two more necessary trips planned this summer - one concert and one work trip)

6. Casinos. Okay, it's not Las Vegas, but there are still a few big casinos right downtown. My idea of gambling is $20 in penny slots that better last me at least an hour and a half... but it's fun to look around and people watch!

7. Outdoor festivals and events. We're looking forward to BBQ Brews & Blues, and have attended Hot August Nights - the country's largest classic car show - for several years. We used to come to visit specifically at that time. There's also a giant motorcycle convention thing, hot air balloon races, a huge chilli cook off, a river festival, air races... the list goes on. Oh, and there's always Burning Man.

8. Winter skiing. I haven't gone skiing in years, but my sister-in-law thinks we should give it a go. There's a ski place just 20 minutes up the road, and many more around Lake Tahoe.

9. Breweries. Hubs loves craft beer and while it's definitely not Seattle, the craft beer scene is definitely growing here. We've already visited several of the small, newer breweries.

10. Exploring. The one thing about moving to a new town is that everything is new. So there is always something to see or discover. Sometimes you discover that it's not something you want to see or do again, and sometimes you discover some real gems. But it's all new and fun.

Hope you had a great weekend. Make it a great and amazing week! (Why not?)


Monday, March 17, 2014

Old School Blogging

Kim at All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something has joined this a couple of times now. Every time I read it on her page, it makes me want to join in. But she's hilarious, so forgive me if my answers are far less entertaining than hers! So as I debate whether I will continue this blogging thing, I went for it anyway.

What is the last thing you watched on tv?
Well after sleeping in much later than I usually do yesterday (yes 8am is sleeping in for me), I was wide awake last night and ended up watching some new show. I don't even remember what it was called. They kidnapped a bunch of kids. And Jillian Anderson is on it and I'm pretty sure I haven't seen her since X Files. 

When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
I went for a run about an hour and a half ago. It was freezing. Seriously, it was 55 and sunny but there was an icy wind blowing very hard. Don't cuss at me from your snowed under eastern half of the country. We wanted winter here. Mother Nature just didn't cooperate.

What is on the walls of the room you are in?
I'm sitting at the kitchen counter and there is brand spanking new paint on these walls. The rest of the downstairs is still covered in awkward squares of paint colors we don't like.

If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?
Early retirement. That is absolutely my answer. And it would include a ranch so I could adopt wild horses.

Tell me something about you that most people don't know?
I cannot go to sleep without flossing. Can't.

Who made the last incoming call on your phone?
My son called this afternoon from college to let me know he was going to drop his food plan and would be saving me $300 next quarter. Have I mentioned that I love that kid?

If you could change something about your home, without worry about expense or mess, what would it be?
I would re-figure the kitchen. It's one of those kitchens the builder put in to make it look like a cook's kitchen, but it's really just for looks. So awkward, and despite appearing to be roomy, two people will constantly bump into each other.

What was the last thing you bought?
Groceries, baby. Expensive groceries. From Whole Foods.

Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?
Bungee jumping - never. I always wanted to do that tandem sky diving thing where they strap you to an instructor so you can't screw it up. And then one day I decided everything scary is out. I don't even like to drive up those winding mountain roads with a steep drop off on one side any more.

If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be?
Robert Redford. He is involved with so many conservation efforts that I believe so strongly in. I'd love to pick his brain. Wait, only one? So I have to choose between Robert and Dave Matthews? Crap.

Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
Athleta. I can wear athletic clothes to work and day to day, so I might as well get a wardrobe all in one store.

Is the glass half empty or half full?
Currently, my glass is empty. No really, I had a glass of water here, and it's gone and I'm thirsty.
In life? I've learned to look at it half full - I could be miserable and see half empty, but life is too short. Be grateful for what you have.

What's the farthest away place you've been?

What's under your bed?
Some extra storage boxes - empty. My boxed and preserved wedding dress. A tub of started, but never finished scrap books. And a shoe box of letters and cards from my BFF dating back at least 25 years.  

What is your favorite time of day?
When I'm off work for the day. Or maybe that hour I allow my self most days to enjoy my coffee, breakfast and morning catch up time.

What inspires you?
The amazing community of women at Under Armour's What's Beautiful site. It's a community of women "redefining the female athlete". All kinds of women, all kinds of athletics and activities, and all kinds of support.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wild Ones

 Apparently I'm boring.


 Equine dreadlocks. It happens. A lot, actually.

He'd keep his eye on me except...
he can't keep his eyes open.

This mare got too close to another band. Her 
stallion was having none of it and "snaked" her 
away from them.

 And this is some cuteness overload.

And yes, this is all I've got for you. You're welcome.

FYI: I take these pics with a telephoto lens.
I have a healthy respect for the fact that they are wild.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Weekly Observations

No matter where I live, I will always live in "that" house - the one where all the neighborhood's random trash blows to when it's really or even slightly windy out.

There will always be the people who let their dogs crap in the middle of the walkway and think it's okay to leave it. In case you are about to tell me that maybe it was a rare occurrence and they forgot their bag... there are bag dispensers approximately every 100 yards around this path.

The beauty of mountains will never fail to awe me, even when I see them everyday. Whether in Seattle, or here in Reno.

My dog never fails to look adorable... when she's asleep.

If I never hear the term "thigh gap" again, it will be too soon. If this term is a measure of someone's happiness or self worth, they need to have a very serious discussion with a health care provider.

I can now hold a handstand for 3 seconds. Don't think that's a short time until you imagine standing on your hands and count one-onethousand-two-onethousand-three-onethousand. Yeah, it's not so short, is it?

Now that I've narrowed down paint colors, I can't decide which walls are getting which colors. You know those houses at are stark white with bright accessories? Maybe I should have done that...

No matter how much I love my job, I still get a little giddy when that last client of the week leaves my office!

I think it's completely unnecessary and unhealthy that we have a National Pancake Day, National Oreo Day, National Margarita Day... no wait, never mind, Margarita Day was completely necessary. 


Happy Friday, friends!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

(Monday) Quiz on Tuesday

I read this quiz and answers by Heather and Wayne at Acting Balanced and decided I needed to jump in. Even though it's now Tuesday.

 Acting Balanced

1. National Frozen Food Day is this week - are you a big frozen food shopper? Do you freeze your own veggies or fruit?
I buy frozen fruit and will sometimes freeze surplus fruit in summer. We are a smoothie family. About the only frozen veggies I ever buy are some green beans at Trader Joe's. They are the next best thing to fresh and super easy if I'm in a pinch for veggies. I also have a ziploc that I freeze veggie scraps in that I add to the pot when I make chicken broth. Other than that we mostly have protein options in the freezer - chicken breasts, salmon burgers, ground turkey, some homemade soup that I froze a few servings of. 

You can stop rolling your eyes at the healthiness of it all. At least I didn't tell you it was all organic or pasture raised. (It is, mostly.) 

2. What annoys you? 
Bwahahahaha! You don't have time for that. Okay, mostly drivers and shoppers that are oblivious to the other people around them. Enough said.

3. It's Wine and Food Festival week in Charleston, do you have a favorite type of wine?
The kind with alcohol in it? Just kidding. Cabernet Sauvignon and red blends.

4. What do you think is an appropriate age for a first cell phone?
When they are old enough to pay the bill? KIDDING. For us it was middle school - mostly because we needed my son to be able to call us for pick up and drop off for sports. Self serving for the parents, I know. We also started with one of those phones you load with prepaid minutes to make sure he learned self-control first.

Then Heather and Wayne threw in a question #5: What do you consider to be the first sign of spring? Easy answer - that is when I am willing to sell my soul to get a plane ticket to somewhere tropical.

There you have it. A short and easy quiz about things you never, ever wondered about me.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Things I've Done Instead

Oh yes, I've done it again. Left my lonely blog alone for days on end.

But I have been busy.

I've been doing a daily exercise challenge (#SweatADay on IG). And proud to say I've done whatever daily challenge she throws up every single day for the last two months. I'm also part of a bigger challenge sponsored by Under Armour Women. It's a great, supportive community!

I've managed to put together dinners on nights when I'd rather do anything else.

I've joined a gym. Sort of. I bought a 3 month membership at a fundraiser/auction and then actually used it. Not that I didn't already workout, but I did so at home so now I have access to a bit more equipment.

I've done more laundry than two people should generate.

I've run, walked, hiked. I've seen more horses.

I've worked. When do we get to be independently wealthy? Or live off the land?

I've made the decision to use a quilt we already had for bedding in our guest room in the name of doing things cheaply. Of course, I had to buy a new bed skirt, pillow shams and sheets. And I still need to paint. Oh, and then I had to change the night stands, so decided to try "chalk painting". Post on that coming soon.

I've gone through (that means purchased) 15 paint samples trying to find the right colors for our living room, family room, hallways and kitchen. That doesn't count the sample I borrowed from my brother & SIL to try. I wish I was kidding. But the lighting in this house is so bizarre. In one room it's one color, in another room, it's completely different. It's nuts. But I think we've decided. Maybe.

I got another massage. Still trying to work out this pain in my neck that's been there since September. Ugh. 

I've played with my sweet, sweet dog.

I've Skyped with my sweet, sweet boy.

I've watched Dexter with my sweet, sweet husband.
[Seriously, I don't have a picture of that]

And those last three on the list? They are all that really matters.

Happy Monday everyone. Make it a great week!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just Merge

Me: “You know, my biggest problem driving in this town is that people don’t know how to merge. They merge onto the freeway going 50 when everyone else is going 65. It drives me crazy!”

Hubs: “I’m pretty sure we had this same conversation about the drivers in Seattle.”

Me: *dagger eyes*

Hubs: “Well, it’s true.”

Me: *eye roll*

It may be true. I might have expressed this complaint before. But dammit, don’t they teach merging in driver’s ed? I mean these “mergers” mosey up the onramp and never top 50 and expect to get on a road where traffic is moving at 65. Which means everyone behind them (ahem - that would be me) has to step on the brakes and then try to move around them.

It happens every single day. I try not to be in the right lane where the mergers converge for long, since the freeway here is three lanes and I can hang in the middle until my exit, but it happens. And the “merger” is always oblivious to any of it. The cars behind (that’s me again) braking and dropping their speed 15mph, fingers twitching with the desire to send a single finger silent communication, eyes narrowed behind their sunglasses ready to give them stink eye when they finally get around the “merger”. Not that I would know about any of this. *clearing my throat*

Merging ONTO the freeway requires the use of the gas pedal. There is typically a short distance to get yourself up to speed and you better be ready to do it. If you are coming up that ramp, putting on speed, looking like you are going to keep up with the crowd, I’ll gladly pull my foot off the gas to let you in. Gladly. Happily. No qualms about it and I’ll rarely think about you again. If I’m in that right lane I actually watch for mergers and adjust my speed accordingly for what’s coming. But when you are poking along and not even gauging the speed at which you are going to have to reach to move into traffic and assuming God will part the cars for your grand entrance, the temptation to keep my foot on the gas or speed up and hang you out to dry is almost overwhelming. I don’t, because I try to drive defensively not aggressively. But the temptation is there. The little gal with horns is sitting on my shoulder shouting, “Do it!”. Fortunately, the gal on the other shoulder with the halo wins out.

And as a bonus? If you are getting off at the next exit, there’s really no need to start braking three quarters of a mile before the exit. That might be a bit excessive.

Hmmm, maybe instead of moving to a smaller town that still has a freeway (albeit one of the easiest towns to navigate), I should have moved to a larger city with public transportation and ditched my car. Or far out in the country where I could just ride a horse. I guess I need a healthy injection of patience.

Happy merging, people. Remember, there are other cars on the road and scary enough, one of them might be me! ;-)