Monday, November 28, 2011

10 Things I Want To Accomplish Before Christmas - Monday Listicles

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I'm a rebel again - went my own way on the topic. But there are some awesome pictures out there linked up with Monday Listicles today - go check them out!

1. I want to let go of control of my decorations. The Boy and The Girlfriend took it upon themselves to decorate both her house and ours this weekend. (Yes, my teenager is a little nerdy. Shush.) At first I was thrilled - way less work for me! But then things kept going on the wrong places and different ways.... if you have even a little control freak in you, you'll know what I was feeling.  **Gotta let go and let them do it. There is no wrong way.** is my new mantra.

2. I want to attend a dinner, a guild meeting and three Christmas parties (all organization or work related) and not let anyone see me in the same outfit twice. I don't have that many clothes for this stuff, ya'll.

3. I want to walk out of the office holiday dinner party thinking the agent that shares my husband's office is a lot less of an a** than I think he is currently.

4. I want to go buy our tree in anything other than pouring rain. Just once. Because my luck is notoriously bad in this department. But you know, I have a great northwest rain jacket, just in case.

5. I want to step away from the temptation of all things chocolate, iced, frosted or creamy and containing hundreds of extra calories and zit producing sugar. (Chocolate, cookies, fudge and soy peppermint mochas, especially.)

6. I want to bake fun treats and give them all away. See #5.

7. I want my shopping done by the 5th so I can just enjoy the rest of the month. Window shopping and decoration and light viewing is so much fun when you aren't on the look out for that "perfect" gift or desperate enough for ANY gift.

8. I want to get through the holidays without any melt-downs from the SIL. We're coasting in neutral territory right now, and it would be oh-so-pleasant if that could continue!

9. I want my son and husband to not lose interest before it's time to put 1000 lights and 697 ornaments on the tree. (I might be exaggerating the number of ornaments by 3 or 4 hundred.)

10. I want to do what I aim for every year with varying success - to enjoy the season, the sights, the cheer, family and friends, and my little family of 3.



Terri Sonoda said...

While you list is big and asking a lot from you and your willpower, I'd say it's doable. And if you do get any of them accomplished (and you will!)....make sure it's Number 10.

Tracy @ stoopmama said...

Oh, man: 5-9 could have come right out of my mouth, also! You read my mind.

Ado said...

What an honest list.
I got my hub to put up the outdoor lights yesterday despite the fact that I only made him take down last year's two months ago!
I love that your son is nerdy and wants to decorate your house - why not let him do the lights on the tree too?
Good luck with the a-hole boss. I say go with your first instinct, it's usually right.

Rachel @ Totally Ovar It said...

Great list! I enjoy your honesty and will be impressed by your willpower!

Stasha said...

I wish for you to achieve all on your list, to truly have number 8 and for all of us to get number 10 come true. Great list Ally! Thank you for being the awesome list maker you are. ANd again thank you for the coolest giveaway ever :)

Kimberly said...

I wish that my husband and son would get excited about baking and decorating them with me...they don't understand that i'm trying to bake happy fecking holiday memories and all they want to do is eat them...sigh...better on their hips than mine...hee hee.

blueviolet said...

I'm hoping for smooth sailing all the way with the SIL! I'm nearly done with the shopping for the holidays, I think. I just need stocking stuffers.

Babes Mami said...

How have you resisted putting them in the 'right' place? Hubs did the lights in the apt..not the way I would have exactly but they still look nice.

Bridget said...

I tried #1 with my husband. He made a hot mess of the decorations. I tried to let it go, but I can't!! You're a stronger woman than me!!

Cookie's Mom said...

No meltdowns, huh? Good luck with that! LOL Seriously, good luck with your whole list! We decorated the house last weekend and it definitely helps to get everyone in the spirit of the season.

Joann Mannix said...

Okay, I have to tell you the coolest thing I did by accident last year that has now become a family tradition. Wow, if that wasn't a run on sentence!

Last year, it just so happened that there was a gaggle of teenagers at my house when I dragged out the tree. Yes, I went artificial a few years back. Best thing I ever did, besides have a hysterectomy.

These kids all got into decorating the tree and it was done within the hour. Not only did we have a great time, I didn't end up all alone, after my family lost interest halfway through. This year, I had my girls call up all their friends and it was fantastic!

I didn't even have to pull out the ladder, since I insisted they invite tall boys, too.