Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Eye Candy

Once upon a time I listened to country music. A lot.

Now, not so much, though I still appreciate a good song now and then. I don't really keep up on it though.

There are a few artists, however, that make me weak in the knees. It may or may not have anything to do with their singing. Just saying.

In this case, I've always thought the guy has a pretty darn good voice, which by itself sort of calms my soul. But add in the visuals, and, well...

Apparently, he's been on a workout kick. Three 90 minute workouts a day. That is crazy stuff, unless you don't actually have to have a daily job. Which apparently he and Faith don't. It made me feel so much better when they said during tours he cuts it to two workouts a day. No, it didn't. Seriously, two 2 hour workouts a day, and THEN he performs a concert? What the heck kind of coffee is he drinking?

Doesn't matter. People magazine gave us some eye candy. I'm sharing with you. You're welcome.

I don't really care if it is airbrushed. Whatever.

Hubs has always had a thing for Faith (Faith Hill. His wife). I joke with him that it's okay, I'd be happy to console Tim on his loss.

And I don't usually read People, but the cover with him caught my eye. I read the article in the grocery store check-out line. Which either means their article is useless fluff that can be read in 2.2 minutes, or my store has long lines. Or in this case, both.

I did have a moment of, "I can't believe he's the same age as me, I'm so lame." Then I remembered that if I had my own personal trainer, the time for three workouts a day, endless amounts of money and never ate another carb, I could look pretty "chiseled", too.

Have a great Friday.



Angelwithatwist said...

Yeah Tim can make me weak too. I have always loved his smile, cause he just has that baby face with the I could soooo stir up trouble and you would never believe it was me grin.

hiker mom said...

3 90-minute workouts a day! That's crazy! How does someone with kids have time for that? Looks good though:)

Mommy Lisa said...

Go online and see the Calvin Klein hottie they had on WWHL on Bravo with Jenny McCarthy last night. Yikes.

Michelle said...

Mmmm mmm thank you very much!

Dana @ Kiss My List said...

I'm not a country music fan, but saw him on Leno earlier this week and was quite impressed. Thanks for the eye candy - he's yummy!

Terri Sonoda said...

Tim doesn't bring weakness to my knees (for obvious reasons) but he is one good looking dude!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I don't care if it's airbrushed either. I like it, like it, like it.

But yeah, with a trainer every last one of us has a chance.

Jill said...

Hmmmm. Thank. You. Great pics ;)

Mindy said...

He is one handsome guy! I only read people when I get my hair done...and then I read it cover to cover. lol.