Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween That Almost Wasn't

I boycotted. I wasn't doing Halloween.

Our new neighborhood, however, had other ideas. October 1st, their decorations went up, many with full haunted yards. Apparently they are serious about their Halloween here. A week before the big day, I hung an old Halloween wreath on the door and tossed three small pumpkins in the flower pot on the front porch and called it good. After all, with The Boy off at college, I didn't have anyone to do press the subject of decorating.

As for the day itself, we spent weeks declaring we were turning off the lights, hunkering down and pretending the whole neighborhood wasn't out looking for candy.

But then Halloween arrived and I remembered that I love seeing the really little ones dressed up and trying to remember if they were supposed to say "Trick or Treat", "Happy Halloween", or "Thank you", and in which order. So I went to the closest drug store and bought one overpriced bag of candy and one on sale and relented to passing out all 92 pieces (I counted) until it was gone. Then I would turn off the lights.

But I was still insisting I wasn't handing out candy to teenagers to old to be trick or treating, wearing only a mask and carrying a grocery bag just to get free candy.

The first little ones arrived and there was a three year old Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) that melted my heart. She might have been the cutest thing I've ever seen. And then teenagers came and they were polite and well-behaved and dressed in real costumes.

Despite thinking we'd have well over a hundred kids, they doorbell stopped ringing after 82. That left 10 small bags of M&M's for Hubs and I.




southern Angel said...

And there is why I love living in the country.. We are in the middle of nowhere and get no traffic. Now that we have the grandbaby we take him..

Mike said...

The little Dorothy would have had mee too as I'm a huge Wizard of Oz fan, Ally! I haven't passed candy out in years (I guess the Scrooge of Hallows Eve) but it sure seems like less and less kids are out on the streets these days. Good for their safety but says a bad thing about our society. I'm glad you enjoyed! :)

hiker mom said...

We actually got more teens than little ones and I am okay with that. My oldest is 13 and didn't trick or treat, but knowing that he looks way older than he is, I give most kids free passes on the age thing;) As long as they are polite and not rude:)

J-Tony said...

Sounds like a nice time. I had one of those "to old" to dress up kids, but still wanted candy.

Clarinda @ Enjoying the Course said...

Sounds like a perfect little Halloween. We did nothing, and had no trick-or-treaters, which was good, since we were prepared for any. :)