Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy Things

Who doesn't like happy things?

My happy things might not be your happy things, but nonetheless, these are things that made me happy this week. (That was purely a sentence to see how many times I could say "happy" apparently.)

1. Five days of exercise: three runs, two walks, two upper body strength workouts, and three days of hip and core exercises. I feel good.

2. Skyping with my boy. Although we text almost every day and occasionally talk on the phone, it is always awesome to see his face.

3. I leased an office! This is huge in my little world, as I've had a hard time working with leasing agents in this town. I should have the keys in my hand on Tuesday. Yipee!

4. I filed my city business license. I already have my professional license and my state business license, but I needed a location for the city. The agent at the city thought my fire inspection should be done sometime next week and my license done by the end of the same week. Can I say Yipee again?!

5. Healthy eating. I fell into some bad habits, that I will contribute to lots of stress eating, when we went through the move. I cleaned it up and am back to eating real food. I feel sooooo much better. That unhealthy stuff tastes so good for those few seconds it sits on my tongue, but then I'm left sluggish and not feeling great. This feels so much better, and now the occasional treat will be tolerated much easier by my body. Besides, I actually like cooking and creating yummy food with real ingredients (most days).

6. Haircut. It's amazing what a good haircut can do for your mood. Dead ends gone, and cooperating strands get two thumbs up.

7. Paint, paint, paint. I got both The Boy's room and the room he and Hubs use as a music room painted. Now when he comes home for winter break he can hang all his pictures and sound foam and "stuff". That will make him happy, which makes me happy!

8. Sunshine. In case you are new here, I. Love. Sunshine. And I get lots and lots of it (even when cold) here in my new town.

9. Christmas shopping. Now how obnoxious is that? I don't care. I'm probably 89% done with my shopping. And I bought wrapping paper and supplies since I'd gotten rid of what I had before the move. And? I've already had our Christmas cards printed. They aren't exactly how I thought they'd be, but they will suffice and I don't have to stress about it the beginning of December.

10. Hubs' home brewed hard cider. A-mazing.

Hope you've had some happy in your week, too! Share - Tell me something that made you happy.



Clarinda @ Enjoying the Course said...

Those are definitely some awesome things to be happy about!! All of these things make me so happy for you.

And that home brewed hard cider sounds fantastic. Enjoy it in the cool sunshine. :)

hiker mom said...

I haven't even started Xmas shopping:( I think my mom is 100% done as usual. I need to get it together! I would like some of your sunshine please:)(

julie gardner said...

You know what makes me happy?

Taking a blog break and realizing - when I come back - that I'm not the only one who's been enjoying family and not posting all the darn time.

So nice to come here. It's like a hug on my screen.

p.s. Can you imagine what mamas of college kids did before Skype?