Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ridiculously Random


Life has a way of passing incredibly quickly at times, doesn't it? It will feel like just a few days and then I look at my blog and it's been a week. Or more. Lots more.

But here I am with a post full of random happenings.

Thanksgiving: We completed our whirlwind, wild road trip to Seattle to spend Thanksgiving with family. AND... I got to hug my boy!! That made the 12.5 hours each way totally worth it. And now I'm on the countdown for him to come back home for three weeks during winter break. WooHoo! Your job is to remind me that I said this after I put his dishes that he leaves laying on the counter in the dishwasher for the fourteenth third time.

On the road: There are crazy things to see on a long road trip. The guy in the big truck that was apparently in a hurry. He moved out from behind where we were in the left lane and shook both fists at us while making a face, apparently expressing his anger and frustration that we were going too slow in the left lane. Somehow the fact that there were another five cars ahead of us that we couldn't get past completely escaped him. Then there was the guy at the rest stop wearing a ski jacket from 1990, zipped 1/4 of the way up with no shirt on underneath. Let's say that again. No shirt. Oh, and then he got back in his mini van (with black plastic garbage bags taped up inside all the back windows) with his interesting woman and lit up a homemade, half tin foil pipe. I was scare for his dog, let alone the rest of us on the road.

Temps: It's cold across the west (and moving east), so I'm certainly not alone in the chill factor. And certainly there are parts of the country that many of you are from that consider all this normal. But there's this overnight temp for Saturday night lingering on the forecast that I find disturbing. The problem is that it's a negative number. I've never in my life been in negative temps. I think we may have hit zero during a freak cold snap once, and if that really happened I'm positive I did not go outside. But negative? People, I'm a wimp. Which I suppose is why I sleep inside with the furnace on, right? Thank you for the roof over my head. Oh well, the sun is shining and it is drop dead gorgeous outside!

Slow: I am pretty good at the whole celebrity identification thing. But somehow this one just slipped right under my radar. Or maybe my radar has been in the off position for a few years. But I just finally stopped thinking that "Bones" looks alot like Zooey Deschanel and realized that she is Emily Deschanel. As in, sisters. DUH! I'll climb out from under my rock now.

Breakfast: I had soup for breakfast. What?! Didn't you read the title? I said ridiculously random. But I made this delicious homemade chicken broth, then made Italian sausage soup with carrots and potatoes and kale and quinoa noodles and of course, Italian chicken sausage. The leftovers were just sitting in the fridge and I needed a little protein for breakfast anyway...

Garth: I am a Garth Brooks fan from way back. A big time Garth fan even when I didn't like country music and wouldn't listen to other country artists, I was a Garth fan. I'm pretty sure I own every song he ever put out and some he didn't but were recorded in a bar way back when. I saw him open for the Judds. I was in the 15th row when he played in Seattle. Then he did retirement to be home with his kids while they were still kids. Then he did The Wynn in Las Vegas while semi-retired, which would have been nice, but at something like $200 a pop I didn't quite make it. I missed the Garth special on CBS last Friday as we were out of town and out with friends when it was on. Fortunately for the internet, CBS has it on their website. I watched. And he sucked me right back in. The man is an entertainer, whether you like country music or not. I'm pretty sure he's getting ready for a comeback. I'm sure I could find a way to fit some new Garth in with my DMB.

Today: Enough said.



julie gardner said...

I'm not sure if that picture at the end is good news (beautiful!) or bad news (cold!) but I'm going with beautiful.

Like hugging your boy.

Here's to a fast three weeks until his next break.


Terri Sonoda said...

I love your randomness. I also love Garth Brooks! I seen him once in concert and it was worth every penny. I'm really enjoying all the wonderful pictures you've been posting on facebook of the landscape, sunsets and horses. And it looks like you got some snow already. Not too shabby! Enjoy your holidays, my friend!

Mike said...

Great post and yes it's freezing cold here in Northern Nevada! Loved your pictures. I didn't know those two were sisters either, Ally! Zooey is sooooo yummy lol! I'm so glad you were able to visit your son. I LOVE fav city in the world (no, I haven't traveled around the world....yet). And I became a Garth Brooks fan back when No Fences came out. Enjoyed reading this! :)

hiker mom said...

Fun randomness. Cold here in WA but colder where you are. Crazy! I have never felt below zero and I don't really want to;)

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Somehow I don't think you're going to be complaining about anything your son does when he's home. ;)

I'm totally laughing at you with Zooey and Emily! It's a cute mistake.

What's not cute are those weirdos on the highway!

Clarinda @ Enjoying the Course said...

I really wish the cold wasn't so beautiful! :)