Sunday, March 2, 2014

Things I've Done Instead

Oh yes, I've done it again. Left my lonely blog alone for days on end.

But I have been busy.

I've been doing a daily exercise challenge (#SweatADay on IG). And proud to say I've done whatever daily challenge she throws up every single day for the last two months. I'm also part of a bigger challenge sponsored by Under Armour Women. It's a great, supportive community!

I've managed to put together dinners on nights when I'd rather do anything else.

I've joined a gym. Sort of. I bought a 3 month membership at a fundraiser/auction and then actually used it. Not that I didn't already workout, but I did so at home so now I have access to a bit more equipment.

I've done more laundry than two people should generate.

I've run, walked, hiked. I've seen more horses.

I've worked. When do we get to be independently wealthy? Or live off the land?

I've made the decision to use a quilt we already had for bedding in our guest room in the name of doing things cheaply. Of course, I had to buy a new bed skirt, pillow shams and sheets. And I still need to paint. Oh, and then I had to change the night stands, so decided to try "chalk painting". Post on that coming soon.

I've gone through (that means purchased) 15 paint samples trying to find the right colors for our living room, family room, hallways and kitchen. That doesn't count the sample I borrowed from my brother & SIL to try. I wish I was kidding. But the lighting in this house is so bizarre. In one room it's one color, in another room, it's completely different. It's nuts. But I think we've decided. Maybe.

I got another massage. Still trying to work out this pain in my neck that's been there since September. Ugh. 

I've played with my sweet, sweet dog.

I've Skyped with my sweet, sweet boy.

I've watched Dexter with my sweet, sweet husband.
[Seriously, I don't have a picture of that]

And those last three on the list? They are all that really matters.

Happy Monday everyone. Make it a great week!



hiker mom said...

Wow you have been busy! Great job on the workouts:) I haven't been so good on that front;(

julie gardner said...

Yep. You got it. They are all that really matters.

(And Dexter is pretty important, too. :-))

p.s. Congratulations on the dinners and the work outs. I wish I could say the same. But I HAVE seen all the seasons of Dexter, so there's that.

Mike said...

You've been a busy girl but I can tell you that this loyal reader has missed a post from you! I even looked 3 days ago and wondered if I had missed one. That's awesome on talking with your son, Ally. How did you do that picture with your pup?!?! That is sooooo cool! :)